Korean puppies for sale to Singapore (HDB Approved)

Korean puppies are known for their tiny size, shiny silky coats and doll faced look.

we already have many families using instagram with our puppies. If you want to check please check our reviews This is why customers worldwide including celebrities in many countries choose our puppies.

01. puppies must be 7 month old to go to Singapore. That is policy.

The collection of puppies gathered here is a collection of more than 4 months that can be quickly sent to Singapore. These puppies do not have a long preparation period and have an additional discount price. If you want to see all the puppies, please click on the puppies list category 

From korea to Singapore all incluldes with our price (microchip fees, hotel fee, taking care of puppies foods , flight tickets, Vaccinating- dhpp x5, Corona x2, Kennel cough, x2, Rabies x2-,ETC) but there will be additional price will be charged by making dog,import license and booking qurarantine room which will be 300 ~ 400 sgd

02. If you use whatsapp, you can be be answered shortly.You can visit our shop in korea and see puppy and select but most of our customners use video call to choose puppies

03. When consultation is finished, submit SGD1400 for the down payment (SGD1400 will be deducted from the final payment.) and When the flight is booked, the balance must be paid.

04. You can pay by wise.com, bank transfer, credit card(We fill out the invoice and make a PayPal payment request.)

05. Health Check up for 2 weeks in case of an incubation period for diseases

06. Shipment will be made via flight at least 2 weeks after the payment date due to the health check and quarantine regulations