World shipping process

Puppy for sale & 
World wide Overseas delivery service
Korean puppies are known for their tiny size, shiny silky coats and doll faced look.
This is why customers worldwide including celebrities in many countries choose our puppies.
All our price has checked with USA Dollars
Shipping fee is different by countries where you live. Please check below for shipping fees.
Total price is price of puppy + shipping fee
For Usa & Canada we have listed airport only can send.
For Usa, Canada, Philippines, Thailand we can send puppy’s when they become 4 month old
For Europe preparation time needs at least 4 month more and because of this there will be extra charge for Europe
01. Remember the name of the puppy that you selected from the picture and video.
02. If you use whatsapp, you can be be answered shortly. and also we can have video call to show our puppies
03. When consultation is finished, submit $1000 for the down payment ($1000 will be deducted from the final payment.) and When the flight is booked, the balance must be paid.
04. You can pay by paypal, bank transfer, credit card
(We fill out the invoice and make a PayPal payment request.)
05. Health Check up for 2 weeks in case of an incubation period for diseases
06. Shipment will be made via flight at least 2 weeks after the payment date due to the health check and quarantine regulations